Succulent Toes
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Welcome to Candy's candy store where you can get a taste of lots of different things from fun in the sun in pigtails to some fun with Candy's friends.

Candy loves her feet being worshiped, and really enjoys female and male domination whichever one she's in the mood for. She enjoys having different friends over to play with her with her toys and painting each other's toenails. Miss Candy also enjoys giving footjobs to her different friends.

We do a lot of licking and tasting in Candy's candy store. Candy likes to do a lot of different things with candy and food but she always has much more fun with friends that she can dominate, tease, spank, and will worship her beautiful ivory-skinned feet, but she believes in variety.

Candy is extremely pale with nice ivory skin while some of her friends can be many different shades. Candy gets bored with one type of male or female so they come in all different shapes and sizes! So come on in and get a taste and see what fun we can have in Candy's candy store.

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